Aucilla Wildlife Management Area


Crystal-clear springs, meandering rivers and trails, sinkholes and limestone outcrops will reward adventurers eager to explore this unique north Florida landscape and its diverse wildlife.



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Things to do

Two rivers, numerous springs and miles of trails create memorable visits. read more »


Everything from bears to bream inhabit this Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail site. read more »

Habitat and Management

Mature hardwood forest is managed to preserve native plants and animals. read more »


Aucilla WMA lies between the Aucilla and Wacissa rivers, 12 miles southeast of Tallahassee. read more »

Planning Your Visit

Andrews is situated on the spring-fed Suwannee River, five miles north of Chiefland. read more »


FWC Facts:
Wood stork nestlings are fully feathered and capable of short flights at about 7-8 weeks of age but are not independent of their parents until they are 9-10 weeks old.

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