Yellow River Wildlife Management Area

Managed in cooperation with
Northwest Florida Water Management District
Florida Forest Service


Photo Black Bear
© Mike Orlando
Florida black bear

Yellow River WMA covers more than 28,000 acres between Milton and Crestview in Santa Rosa and Okaloosa counties. The area runs for over 20 miles along the Yellow River including the protection of a small portion of the Shoal River where it empties into the Yellow. A wide variety of natural communities are found on the area including sandhill, upland pine forests, slope forests, wet prairie, and floodplain forests. Here you'll find Florida black bear, Gulf sturgeon, and endemic mayflies as well as Florida anise, mountain laurel, and spider lilies. Recreational activities include hunting, fishing, boating, canoeing, primitive camping and wildlife viewing. Camping is permitted throughout the area. Numerous boat landings along the Yellow River provide access to the area. Vehicular access is limited, but is available on River Road located north of Milligan and Trawick Creek Road near Holt (Okaloosa County), and Ward Basin Road (Santa Rosa County).

FWC Facts:
Over 200 species of birds migrate between their breeding grounds in the United States and Canada and their wintering areas in Mexico, Central and South America or the Caribbean.

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