Open/Closed Status of FWC-managed Areas

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Severe weather or other circumstances have affected areas as described below.

FWC Offices

  • No closures at this time.

Wildlife Management Areas, Wildlife & Environmental Areas, etc.

  • Fort Drum WMA - Due to hazardous road conditions, vehicle access is closed from the intersection of Entrance Road and East-West Road and beyond (approximately 4.5 miles of road - see map). Because this is the only entrance, FWC staff recommends hunters consider bringing alternative, non-motorized (bicycles) vehicles to assist them in navigating the area. (10/23/14)
  • Cary WMA - Due to hazardous flooding conditions and to ensure public safety, the Florida Forest Service (FFS) has temporarily closed a segment of Camp Road to vehicle use. However, the east and west ends of Camp Road remain accessible from No Catch Road and Persimmon Pond Road. This closure will be effective until the FFS staff determine that road conditions are safe for public vehicle use. (10/15/14)
  • Big Shoals WMA - Recent heavy rains have resulted in poor road conditions in some areas. Persons are advised to proceed with caution while recreating on this area. The use of 4wd vehicles is recommended when crossing a portion of Road 1 just east of the intersection with Road 6. Alternative access to Road 1 is temporarily allowed for hunters through the entrance from Old Godwin Bridge Road (labeled “State Park Entrance: Big Shoals” on the WMA brochure map). (09/30/14)
  • Four Creeks WMA - Due to Florida Forest Service (FFS) timber management operations that include logging trucks and to ensure public safety, visitors are advised to proceed with caution along that portion of Five Mile Road approaching the entrance to Hobbs Landing Road. Area users may contact the FFS for information on timber management on this area, 904-845-4933. (09/18/14)
  • Belmore WMA – Due to hazardous road conditions where flooding is taking place and to ensure public safety, the Florida Forest Service has temporarily closed Spring Road to vehicle traffic. (09/02/14)

Suwannee/Santa Fe River Flood-related Speed Zones

  • None in effect at this time.


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