75 Years Wild Photo Contest: Rules

Gopher Tortoise by David Moynahan



There will be four themes – one for each season of the year. Each theme and submission date will be announced on the MyFWC Facebook and Instagram sites.

  • Theme 1 = Winter    
  • Theme 2 = Spring    
  • Theme 3 = Summer          
  • Theme 4 = Fall         


Anyone may participate.

Photo contestants must submit their own original photos. Photos taken by contestants under the age of 18 years must be submitted by the minor contestant’s parent or legal guardian.

Employees of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are not eligible to win prizes.

 Photos must be taken at a Florida Wildlife Management Area or Wildlife and Environmental Area.  Be sure to tell us which WMA or WEA you photographed.

 Photographs should accurately reflect the subject matter and the scene as it appeared.

  • Cropping or filters, like those available in the Instagram app, may be used.

  • Photoshop or other editing software must not be used to significantly alter the photo such as adding or removing elements of the photo. However, it is ok to use for standard improvements such removal of dust, cropping, minor adjustments to exposure, color and contrast.

There is no limit to the number of photo submissions. However, there is only one winning photo per person.

Photos may be submitted via Facebook or Instagram. 

  • On Instagram, photos for each theme must be posted to your own account (be sure your account is NOT private) during the correct theme dates and tagged #WMAzing to be considered (e.g., photos for fall must be submitted during the dates announced for fall).

  • When submitting via Facebook, photos must be posted in the comments of the MyFWC Facebook page post announcing the contest. Photos may also be submitted on follow-up posts for that theme during the correct theme dates.

  • Please include the name of WMA or WEA you are photographing.

  • If you do not have an Instagram account or a Facebook page, you can e-mail your entry to ShareVisit@MyFWC.com. We will respond to your e-mail with further details.

If your photo is chosen as a semi-finalist you will be asked to submit a photo permission  form.

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