75 Years Wild Photo Contest: Judging



Judging to select semi-finalists for each theme will be conducted by a panel of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) employees.

Judging of the 12 finalists will be done on Facebook by the public.

  • The FWC panel of judges will choose five (5) photos for each theme as semi-finalists. 
  • If a contestant has their photo chosen as a semi-finalist, they will be notified via Instagram (be sure your Instagram account is PUBLIC) or notified with a comment on the submitted Facebook photo. Once notified, the contestant may submit their original photo to ShareVisit@MyFWC.com.
  • Semi-finalists will be emailed a photo permission form. If the contestant chooses to release the image for the FWC to use, the contestant will return that signed release form allowing the FWC to use the photo.
  • Contestants who do not return their signed permission form(s) to the FWC within seven (7) days of being notified as a semi-finalist will forfeit their chance to be included in the final vote and will be ineligible to win prizes.

The FWC will review all photos for eligibility. Photos will be ineligible if they:

  • Infringe upon another person's copyright;
  • Contain inappropriate content;
  • Involve disturbing wildlife or damaging to the environment.

FWC Facts:
Young whooping cranes are capable of flight when they are 80-90 days old.

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