Wildlife Through the Year: July

  • Scrub morning glory and butterfly weed bloom in July.
  • Sea oats are flowering on Atlantic beaches.
  • In South Florida young crocodiles are hatching.
  • Buck deer in new velvet may occasionally be spotted.
  • Swallow-tailed and Mississippi kites, purple martins, and tree swallows begin to gather to migrate south for the winter.
  • Look for magnificent frigatebirds flying overhead in south Florida.
  • Mulch your garden to conserve water but leave patches of soil exposed for dusting by birds.
  • Second litters of gray squirrels are being born.
  • Baby raccoons, foxes, armadillos, and bobcat leave their mothers.
  • Bear breeding season starts.
  • Listen for Eastern narrowmouth toads ("waaa", like a baying sheep) after heavy rains.
  • Lights Out! Sea turtles emerge from their nests and head for the ocean. Females may become confused by lights on the beach.
  • Leatherback, loggerhead, and green sea turtles continue to crawl ashore to lay eggs.

FWC Facts:
Within 24 hours of hatching, young whooping cranes can follow their parents away from the nest. Together, they forage for plants, insects, snakes, frogs and small animals.

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