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Terrestrial Mammals

Terrestrial mammals spend all or part of their lives on land. In Florida, this group includes nearly 80 species or subspecies ranging from bats and mice to deer and bears. Learn more about some of these species and current research projects.

Florida Black Bear

The Florida black bear, Ursus americanus floridanus, is a subspecies of the American black bear, and is the state's largest land mammal. Listed by the state as threatened from 1974 to 2012, the subspecies currently lives in seven separated subpopulations throughout Florida, as well as in southern Alabama and southern Georgia.

Florida Panther

Perdido Key Beach Mouse

The Perdido Key Beach Mouse is a federally listed endangered species that only resides in the dunes of Perdido Key, a small island located near Pensacola.

Public Asked to Share Mink Sightings

Members of the public can enter mink sightings in Florida into a Web-based reporting system to aid research efforts.

FWC Facts:
The life expectancy for Gulf sturgeon is 20-42 years. The oldest age documented for a tagged and recaptured Suwannee River Gulf sturgeon is about 27-28 years.

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