Stock Enhancement Research Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are needed to help with outreach and education events at the Stock Enhancement Research Facility, located at Port Manatee.

Volunteer Cindy McClure releasing a brood stock red drum.
Volunteer Cindy McClure releasing a
brood stock red drum.

Researchers at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's (FWC) Stock Enhancement Research Facility develop the technology to breed and rear fish, such as red drum and spotted seatrout, to enhance or rebuild coastal fisheries.

Stock enhancement volunteers help biologists harvest, tag, and release hatchery-reared fish into Florida waters. They assist in the collection of brood stock for spawning and field sampling of hatchery-released fish. Volunteers participated in Project Tampa Bay's Angler Fin Clip Reward Program by taking DNA samples from redfish caught in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.

FWC's Stock Enhancement Research Facility is currently seeking volunteers to assist staff with outreach and education events, which include kids' fishing clinics, fishing and outdoor trade shows, and collecting specimens for outreach exhibits.

If you are interested in volunteering with this program or have additional questions, please e-mail the Volunteer Coordinator.

FWC Facts:
Blue tilapia, or Nile perch, are mouth brooders, carrying fertilized eggs and fry in their mouths to protect them.

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