Visit our Stock Enhancement Research Facility at Port Manatee, where you will learn about marine aquaculture and the importance of Sport Fish Restoration.

Students from Youth For Christ

Students from Youth For Christ in Manatee County take on
the role of Jr. scientists to investigate the health and
biology of a hatchery-reared fish.

The Stock Enhancement Research Facility (SERF) at Port Manatee conducts Outreach and Education programs for all ages and groups. Anglers are encouraged to visit our marine hatchery to learn more about marine aquaculture, red drum biology and the role of stock enhancement in Florida's sport fisheries.

Come visit us!
The Florida Marine Hatchery is located in Port Manatee just off of State Road 41, at 14495 Harllee Road, Port Manatee.

If you are coming from the Tampa or St. Petersburg area, take I-275 south over the Skyway Bridge to Exit No. 2 (old No. 1) heading toward Port Manatee. From I-75, exit at Moccassin Willow Road. Head west for five miles. Turn right on State Road 41 toward Port Manatee. From State Road 41, turn left on Piney Point Road; then turn right on Harllee Road.

The Hatchery is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please call to schedule your personalized tour.

Angler Outreach Comes to You!
FWC Biologists take fisheries biology and marine conservation on the road! We customize presentations to meet the needs of local clubs, school groups, and other organizations. To learn how Angler Outreach can come to you, or to schedule a personal or group tour, please contact Gina Russo, Outreach Coordinator for the Port Manatee Field Lab, at (941) 723-4505, fax (941) 723-4507, or e-mail

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FWC Facts:
Shrimping is done at night because at least two of the principal shrimp species harvested in Florida, the pink shrimp and the brown shrimp, are nocturnal.

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