Specimen Information Services Contacts

Contact information for Specimen Information Services (SIS).

FWC-Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
Attn: Specimen Information Services
100 8th Avenue SE
St. Petersburg, FL 33701


Curator of Collections /Curator of Invertebrates
Paul Larson, Ph.D. (Research Administrator)
E-mail: SIS@MyFWC.com
Telephone: 727-502-4136


Invertebrate Collection Manager
Laura Wiggins (Fish and Wildlife Biologist II)
E-mail: InvertColl@MyFWC.com
Telephone: 727-892-4138


Curator of Fishes
Alfred Thomson, Ph.D. (Fish and Wildlife Biologist III)
E-mail: FishColl@MyFWC.com
Telephone: 727-892-4135


Fish Collection Manager
Eric Post (Fish and Wildlife Biologist II)
E-mail: FishColl@MyFWC.com
Telephone: 727-502-4739


SEAMAP Ichthyoplankton Archive Manager
Janessa Fletcher (FLMNH Biological Scientist III)
E-mail: SeaMap@MyFWC.com
Telephone: 727-502-4983

FWC Facts:
Freshwater catfish have many external taste buds on their barbels, so they use their sense of taste more than their sight to find prey.

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