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Species Profiles: Rays

Learn about several common species of rays found in Florida waters.

Stingray Stings

Most stingray injuries require immediate medical attention. For more information contact the National Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222.

Eagle Rays: Cownose Ray

Rhinoptera bonasus

Eagle Rays: Spotted Eagle Ray

Aetobatus narinari

Electric Rays: Lesser Electric Ray

Narcine bancroftii

Guitarfishes: Atlantic Guitarfish

Rhinobatos lentiginosus

Manta Rays: Devil Ray

Mobula hypostoma

Manta Rays: Giant Manta

Manta birostris

Sawfishes: Smalltooth Sawfish

Pristis pectinata

Skates: Clearnose Skate

Raja eglanteria

Stingrays: Atlantic Stingray

Dasyatis sabina

Stingrays: Bluntnose Stingray

Dasyatis say

Stingrays: Roughtail Stingray

Dasyatis centroura

Stingrays: Smooth Butterfly Ray

Gymnura micrura

Stingrays: Southern Stingray

Dasyatis americana

Stingrays: Yellow Stingray

Urobatis jamaicensis

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