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Other Molluscs

Learn about other molluscan species found in Florida waters, such as: coquina clams, green mussels, nudibranchs and large marine snails like horse conchs, lightning whelks and tulips.

Asian Green Mussel - Informational Poster

Have you seen this invader?

Asian Green Mussel

Asian green mussels are not native to Florida, but have become a permanent resident in some parts of the state.

Coquina Clams

Colorful creatures in the beach community.

Molluscan Fisheries Publications - Other Molluscs

Other mollusc research publications.

Nudibranch Gallery

View images of nudibranchs.

Nudibranchs of Florida

Discover the nudibranchs of Florida. These colorful sea slugs lack shells and carry their gills on the outside of their bodies. Find out how they are useful in scientific research.


View images of other mollusc species found in Florida.

Sea Slugs

Discover the shell-less gastropods of Florida.

Pen Shells

What’s that? Find out more about these large bivalves that wash up onto local beaches after windy days.

Sea Snails

Learn about the larger marine snails found in local seagrass beds, oyster reefs and beach communities.

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Smalltooth sawfish have been reliably measured at 18 feet, but they may grow to over 20 feet long.

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