This article explains how and where to report fish kills, fish with parasites, or fish with other abnormalities.

Call: 1-800-636-0511

You can report a fish kill, diseased fish, or fish with other abnormalities directly to the Fish and Wildlife Health Group at the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's (FWC) Fish and Wildlife Research Institute in St. Petersburg. You can report a fish kill in three easy steps:

  1. Leave a brief message about the event you are reporting.
  2. State the location and the type and number of fish involved.
  3. Include a mailing address and a phone number or e-mail address so Fish and Wildlife Health staff can call back if they need more information.

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Reported Fish Kills
Submit a Fish Kill Report

Fish kills, diseased fish, or fish with high numbers of parasites may be an indication of a localized environmental problem. The information provided by hotline callers is immediately relayed to researchers investigating fish kills and is used by researchers studying long-term environmental health. The Fish and Wildlife Health Group has been conducting research and monitoring the health of marine fish in Florida for more than 15 years; we have collected a large database of fish health information. Fish health information is important for the development of management strategies to better preserve and protect Florida's marine environment.

FWC Facts:
The Gulf sturgeon spawns 140 miles upstream from the mouth of the Suwannee River, one of the last pristine rivers with no dams to bar its path.

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