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Learn about Florida's smalltooth sawfish and the research that biologists are doing to help protect this endangered species. This section also contains information on how to report sawfish sightings, which the FWC encourages citizens to do. Read more about sawfish-including our recent publications.

Report Sawfish Sightings for Science!

Very little is known about this spectacular fish, so scientists at FWC's Fish and Wildlife Research Institute initiated a research program to learn more.

General Information on Smalltooth Sawfish

Learn about smalltooth sawfish population, distribution, abundance, biology and ecology.

Smalltooth Sawfish Research

Researchers are studying the ecology and life history of the endangered smalltooth sawfish to aid recovery efforts.

Cultural Importance of Sawfish

Sawfish are culturally important to many native societies around the world. They are considered symbols of strength, spirituality, and admiration.

Selected Sawfish References

A list of publications on sawfish research.

Sawfish FAQ

Do you have questions about sawfish? Read the sawfish FAQ for answers.

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