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The lionfish is a non-native predatory reef fish that feeds on native Florida fish and competes with them for food. Because they have no known predators in Florida waters, lionfish are spreading rapidly.

FWC begins research study to help manage lionfish in the Florida Keys

Researchers target five habitat areas in the Florida Keys to assess lionfish populations to help develop a management plan for the invasive species.

General Information

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There are several ways you can report lionfish sightings in Florida.

Recreational Regulations

View recreational fishing regulations for lionfish collected from state waters.

Landings Data

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Lionfish Flickr Album

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Selected References

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First-Known Lionfish Caught in Florida's Gulf Coast Waters

In October 2006, FWRI researchers received the first-known lionfish caught in Florida's Gulf coast waters.

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After reaching sexual maturity at 4-7 years, female manatees give birth to an average of one calf every 2-3 years. The calf stays with its mother for up to 2 years.

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