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Saltwater Fish

Marine Fisheries staff at FWRI conduct a variety of studies on many different commercially and recreationally important finfish. The studies include life histories, age and growth analyses, and research on reproduction.

Saltwater Fisheries Research

The mandate to provide an accurate accounting of the condition of Florida's fisheries resources requires knowledge of the relative abundance of stocks at particular life stages.

Age and Growth Lab

The Age and Growth Lab is responsible for the processing and aging of fish otoliths for the purpose of stock assessment. Find out why and how we age fish.

Saltwater Fish Catalog


The dolphin and the smaller pompano dolphin (C. equiselis) are pelagic fishes found worldwide in tropical and subtropical seas (Palko et al. 1982).

Florida Pompano

The Florida pompano (Trachinotus carolinus) is a member of the jack family and supports a highly important commercial and recreational fishery in the state of Florida.


Several species of grouper (Epinephelus spp.), including gag, red grouper, and goliath grouper, are found in Florida waters.


Mullet (Mugil spp.) are distributed worldwide in most coastal waters and estuaries of tropical and subtropical seas.

Other Fish Information

Find information on other species of fish. Read fisheries FAQs. Learn about catch-and-release fishing or the difference between circle and "J" hooks.


Florida anglers pursue the permit (Trachinotus falcatus) from inshore flats to offshore reefs. Research on this popular sport fish is advancing through anglers' assistance with a tagging study.

Red Drum

The Stock Enhancement Program at the institute conducts applied research and develops technology to breed and rear finfish such as red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus).

Reef Fish

Several dozen commercially and recreationally sought-after finfish species, including snapper, grouper and triggerfish, are collectively termed reef fish. Researchers monitor these populations to provide data that aids effective management of the fisheries.


Learn about Florida's smalltooth sawfish and the research that biologists are doing to help protect this endangered species. This section also contains information on how to report sawfish sightings, which the FWC encourages citizens to do. Read more about sawfish-including our recent publications.


Long-term tagging research carried out over the past several years has proven to be a valuable tool in helping to understand the life history of snook (Centropomus spp.).

Spotted Seatrout

Spotted Seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus) range throughout Florida's bays and coastal waters.


Strength, stamina, and fighting ability, make the tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) one of Florida's premier game fish.


The wahoo (Acanthocybium solandri) is the largest of all mackerels and is found worldwide in tropical and subtropical coastal waters.

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