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Horseshoe Crabs

Horseshoe crabs are important to both coastal communities and human health. Their eggs are an essential source of food for migratory shorebirds and some fish species.

Facts About Horseshoe Crabs and FAQ

Ancestors of horseshoe crabs date back to 445 million years--long before the age of the dinosaurs.

Report Sightings of Nesting Horseshoe Crabs

Have you seen nesting horseshoe crabs? Let us know!  These sightings help biologists identify nesting beaches around the state.

Florida Horseshoe Crab Spawning Beach Survey

Report sightings of horseshoe crab mating activity with this online questionnaire.

The Horseshoe Crab Fishery in Florida

In Florida, most horseshoe crabs are collected live for use in aquaria and research.

Further Reading and Limulus Links

Articles, publications and helpful websites about horseshoe crabs.

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