Fish and Wildlife Research Institute


HAB Monitoring

Staff members in the HAB group routinely monitor Florida’s marine and estuarine waters for HAB species. They also respond to blooms when they occur and report information to the public and partners.


The HAB group and collaborators throughout the state conduct routine and event-response monitoring for nuisance, harmful and toxic algal blooms in Florida.

Current Projects

FWRI's HAB researchers work to improve the scientific understanding of harmful algal blooms in coastal and estuarine environments. Read about some of the research projects currently in progress.

Past Florida Events

This section presents information and articles about some of the algal bloom events and red tides that occurred in Florida over the past several years.

Monitoring Database

Florida's HAB historical database is one of the largest and longest continually recorded electronic HAB databases in the United States. Articles in this section explain how red tide data collection has evolved over the years and how to interpret the data accurately. Also presented is a table showing that red tides have occurred off the west coast of Florida for more than 160 years.

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