Amber Bratcher-Covino

Biological Scientist

Amber Bratcher-Covino

Biological Scientist

Ecosystem Assessment and Restoration – Harmful Algal Blooms

B.S. Biology, Marine Biology, Southwestern College
Ph.D. Marine Biology, University of Maine Research

Research Interests
HABs, molecular probes, biosensors, bloom dynamics, nutrients

Current Activity
I use an autoanalyzer to determine the inorganic nutrient content of water samples collected for our routine HAB monitoring program. Phytoplankton can utilize a variety of nutrients for survival and growth, and we are interested in studying how nutrient levels may affect bloom dynamics.

For my dissertation research, I developed a portable biosensor assay for the molecular detection of the harmful marine dinoflagellates Alexandrium fundyense and A. ostenfeldii. This assay is semi-quantitative and allows for rapid rRNA detection and discrimination of each species to provide an early-warning tool for HAB detection and monitoring.

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Red tides have been documented along Florida's Gulf coast since the 1840s and likely occurred earlier. Fish kills around Tampa Bay were mentioned in the logs of Spanish explorers.

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