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Bert, Theresa M., Stephen P. Geiger, Susan D. Gerhart, and Kevin J. McCarthy. 2016. Factors influencing reproductive attributes of stone crabs (Menippe) in Tampa Bay, Florida. Journal of Shellfish Research 35(1):1-17.

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Flaherty-Walia, Kerry E., Brent L. Winner, Amanda J. Tyler-Jedlund, and John P. Davis. 2016. Short-term discard mortality estimates for gray snapper in a west-central Florida estuary and adjacent nearshore Gulf of Mexico waters. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 36:329-340.

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Tarnecki, Joseph H., Amy A. Wallace, James D. Simons, and Cameron H. Ainsworth. 2016. Progression of a Gulf of Mexico food web supporting Atlantis ecosystem model development. Fisheries Research 179:237-250.

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