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Campbell JW, Smithers C, Irvin A, Kimmel CB, Stanley-Stahr C, Daniels JC, Ellis JD. 2017. Trap nesting wasps and bees in agriculture: a comparison of sown wildflower and fallow plots in Florida. Insects 8(4):107

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Cohen EB, Hostetler JA, Hallworth MT, Rushing CS, Sillett TS, Marra PP. YEAR-TBD. Quantifying the strength of migratory connectivity. Methods Ecol Evol. XX:xx 

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Enloe CM, Rodgers JA, Kiltie RA, Butryn R. 2017. Site Occupancy and Density of Marsh Birds in Coastal and Freshwater Habitats of Florida. Southeast. Nat. 16(3): 477-487.

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Freeman JE, Williges K, Gardner AG, Leone EH. 2017. Plant functional group composition on restored longleaf pine-wiregrass (Pinus palustris - Aristida stricta) savannas with a history of intensive agriculture. Natural Areas Journal 37(4): 434-456.

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Keller JA, Wilson Grimes K, Reeve AS, Platenberg R. 2017. Mangroves buffer marine protected area from impacts of Bovoni Landfill, St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. Wetl Ecol Manag. 25(5): 563-582.

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Kronstadt SM, Gandy R, Shea C. 2017. Predicting discard mortality in Florida stone crab, Menippe mercenaria, using reflexes. Fish. Res. 197:88-95

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Ramos-Tafur GE and Lemaitre R. 2017. A new species of shrimp of the genus Periclimenaeus Borradaile, 1915 (Decapoda: Caridea: Palaemonidae) from the southeastern Gulf of Mexico, including a key to the western Atlantic species of the genus. Zootaxa. 4303(4):491–508.

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Rushing CS, Hostetler JA, Sillett TS, Marra PP, Rotenberg JA, Ryder TB. 2017. Spatial and temporal drivers of avian population dynamics across the annual cycle. Ecology. XX:xx

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