Use of Prescribed Fire and Restoration

Upland Habitat scientist assist with prescribed fires on various WMA's and make use of fire on projects that call for prescribed fire treatments.    


Upland Habitat biologists are involved with a variety of projects that have many different treatment types.

One type is the use of prescribed fire. As you may know the use of prescribed fire is the most effective wildlife management tool we have here in Florida. Mechanical treatments are usually more costly and harmful for groundcover, especially in areas that have rare or endangered vegetation. Naturally-occurring fires caused by lightning once played a major role in forming and maintaining much of Florida’s pinelands, sandhills, scrub areas, prairies and wetlands. Many wildlife species evolved to depend on nourishing vegetation that burst from fire-enriched soils. FWC routinely performs prescribed fires on all of its WMA’s statewide. Upland Habitat biologists take all the necessary training to perform our own prescribed fires for our projects. As a result of that training we can go out and assist the land managers conducting burns when they are shorthanded.     

              Research Scientist Kent Williges gearing up to burn on Half Moon WMA   



Shawn Prescribed Fire

    Biologist Shawn Clemons takes a selfie during a

       prescribed fire on Watermelon Pond WMA 




                     Biologist Kyle Moon running a black line on a prescribed burn   



                                 Running a black line at Ft White WMA  


                       Biologist Cherice Smithers burning at Watermelon Pond WMA  
                             Prescribed Fire at Watermelon Pond WMA   



                     Biologist Bailey Piper running a line through a depression   



                               Here's Biologist Tim Carney making use of an ATV

                                        to get a back line going a little faster




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