Project Materials

This project has five partners who are assisting with field assessments of potential seagrass habitat. Materials on this page include procedures, protocols, and datasheets that partners will use for data collection during field studies, as well as other downloadable information.

Prop scar in seagrass at St. Andrew Bay
Prop scars on seagrass in St. Andrew Bay.

Procedures and Protocols 

Optical Water Quality Field Operations Manual Adobe PDF PDF (303KB)

Light Profile Datasheet Adobe PDF PDF (33KB)

Project Partner Field Datasheet Adobe PDF PDF (31KB)

Turbidity Protocol Adobe PDF PDF (252KB)

Turbidity Datasheet Adobe PDF PDF (12KB)

Field Protocol for Thalassia Productivity Measurements Adobe PDF PDF (80KB)

Thalassia Productivity Lab Processing Protocol Adobe PDF PDF (469KB)

Biomass Fraction Inventory Form Adobe PDF PDF (89KB)

Quad Morf DatasheeAdobe PDF PDF (5KB)

Quad Processing Log Adobe PDF PDF (5KB)

Cover Datasheet Form Adobe PDF PDF (5KB)

Productivity Morphology Datasheet-Page 1 Adobe PDF PDF (13KB)

Productivity Morphology Datasheet-Other Adobe PDF PDF (19KB)

Ray Pit Transect Datasheet Adobe PDF PDF (90KB)

Ray Pit Transect Datasheet (Example) Adobe PDF PDF (106KB)

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