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Coral News and Information

General information on corals, including images of the most common coral species found in Florida.

Florida Keys Coral Reef Restoration: A Photo Set on Flickr

As part of an effort to help restore reef communities in Florida, scientists are collaborating with numerous partners on a regional coral restoration effort.

January 2010 Cold-Water Event Damages Florida Patch Reefs

Study results suggest this was the worst cold-related coral mortality on record.

Critical Habitat Defined for Threatened Acroporid Corals

In November 2008 critical habitat was defined for two of Florida's iconic coral species that are listed as threatened under the endangered species act.

What Are Corals?

General biological information on corals describing different types of corals, their structure, and how corals form coral reefs.

Florida Coral Rules and Regulations

Coral Species Photo Gallery

View images of stony coral and hydrocoral species commonly found in the waters of South Florida.

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