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This section contains a variety of other GIS and Mapping projects created, managed, and/or maintained by the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute.

FWRI Boating and Angling Guides

Since 1992, the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute has been producing a statewide series of educational boater guides that target anglers and boaters to inform them about Florida's coastal and marine ecosystems.

The Integrated Wildlife Habitat Ranking System 2009

The Integrated Wildlife Habitat Ranking System (IWHRS) ranks the Florida landscape based upon the habitat needs of wildlife as a way to identify ecologically significant lands in the state.

2003 Florida Vegetation and Land Cover

An update to the 1985-89 project to map Florida vegetation and land cover using 2003 Landsat Thematic Mapper satellite imagery.

Florida Land Cover Classification System

A classification schema is needed for the Florida State Wildlife Action Plan. The current classification schemas used within Florida were investigated to determine if that classification could serve as a model to meet the needs of the plan.

Wildlife Habitat Conservation Needs in Florida: Updated Recommendations for Strategic Habitat Conservation Areas

The results of this project have re-identified Strategic Habitat Conservation Areas for a new selection of focal species, including many species that were in the original 1994 report.

Mapping Florida's Altered Landscapes

This project mapped areas of Florida identified as "disturbed" or "non-natural" in order to enhance our understanding of the distribution of these land cover types in Florida.

Florida Freshwater and Tidal Stream Fish Distribution Mapping: Phase I - Panhandle

This project employed Geographic Information System (GIS) applications and modeling software to generate maps of the potential habitats for 55 species of freshwater fish known to occur in Florida's panhandle region.

Florida Stream Habitat Classification

This project developed a statewide stream habitat classification GIS data layer that is necessary for identifying existing and potential habitats of aquatic species.

Mapping Threats to Florida Freshwater Habitats

This project assembled statewide data layers representing 10 uncorrelated individual threats to Florida's freshwater habitats and created a composite index of the threat data layers to determine relative condition of freshwater habitats within Florida.

Cooperative Land Cover, Version 3.2 - published October 2016

The Florida Cooperative Land Cover Map (CLC) is a partnership between the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI) to develop ecologically-based statewide land cover from existing sources and expert review of aerial photography. The CLC is primarily funded by the Florida’s State Wildlife Grants program in support of The Florida State Wildlife Action Plan which identified improved habitat mapping as a priority data gap.

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