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TrophyCatch serves as both an angler recognition program and a crowd-sourced data collection mechanism for trophy bass in Florida. In this section you can find research based around trophy-sized largemouth bass.

TrophyCatch Website

Florida's incentive-based conservation program.

What do Florida Largemouth Bass Need to Reach Trophy Size?

FWRI biologists discuss the factors that contribute to the growth of trophy-sized Florida largemouth bass.

Trophy Bass Telemetry Study: A Photo Set on Flickr

Researchers track trophy-sized bass movements, range and behavior.

Trophy Bass Telemetry

FWRI biologists try to crack the riddle of Kingsley Lake

Trophy bass tagging study

Biologists study the trophy-bass fishery in Florida

Trophy Bass Tagging Study: A YoutTube Video

Biologists discuss the trophy-bass tagging study.

What's the Proper Way to Hold a Hawg

Proper trophy bass handling techniques

Trophy Bass Photo Analytics

FWC freshwater researchers use photo analytics to assess TrophyCatch submissions.

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