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Black Crappie

Research Helps Determine Harvest Limit for Black Crappie in Lake Griffin

Study results guide decision to implement 10-inch limit on harvest of black crappie in Lake Griffin.

Lake Surveys Collect Fishery Data

Anglers describe their fishing habits to aid biologists in researching and monitoring the recreational fisheries at Lakes Dora and Beauclair.

Anglers’ Discards Reveal Facts about Fishery

While collecting black crappie carcasses for research, biologists notice fishing trends at three camps on central Florida's Harris Chain of Lakes.

Black Crappie Length Limits FAQ

Biologists explain the science behind black crappie length limits and answer common questions from anglers.

Investigating Black Crappie Maturity: A Photo Set on Flickr

Studies on two Florida lakes will help biologists understand black crappie reproduction.

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