Florida Saltwater Fishing Panel Data Collection is Complete

Angler responses to online surveys will be used to estimate what recreational saltwater fishing contributes to Florida's economy.

The Florida Saltwater Fishing Panel is now closed, as the data collection phase has been completed. In mid-2012, researchers recruited licensed saltwater anglers to participate in the panel to learn about their fishing activity and associated spending. The Fish and Wildlife Research Institute has moved the project into the data analysis phase to estimate how recreational saltwater fishing affects Florida’s economy.

More than 23,000 anglers registered to participate in the economic study. While the panel was open, licensed Florida residents completed more than 11,500 monthly surveys and licensed nonresident anglers completed more than 3,000. Once this wealth of data has been analyzed, the results will be provided to FWC decision-makers and made available to the public. 

The FWC would like to thank all those who participated in the Florida Saltwater Fishing Panel. Your survey responses provided valuable information about recreational saltwater fishing in Florida.

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