Open/Closed Status of FWC-managed Areas

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Open/Closed Status Related to Storm Activity


Note - CLOSURES in the list below supersede any previously existing orders for the area listed. Non-storm-related closures can be found further down on this page.


State Office Closures

State offices will remain closed in all counties that are experiencing more than 50 percent power outage. These counties include:

  • Bay
  • Calhoun
  • Gulf
  • Jackson
  • Liberty
For non-DMS-managed buildings not listed in the county closures above, agency heads have discretion to ensure safe and comfortable working environments for state employees by closing offices that remain without power or have sustained damage due to Hurricane Michael. Please continue to report changes in building status in WebEOC.

FWC managed and cooperative public areas:

Note: A list of campground closures, recreation area, and road/trail closures related to public land closures is provided by the U.S. Forest Service External WebsiteFlorida Forest Service External Website and Northwest Florida Water Management District External Website

Northwest Region

The following wildlife management areas (WMAs) are closed until further notice, due to Hurricane Michael. Once reopened, they will be removed from the list. On cooperative WMAs and national wildlife refuges (NWRs), the cooperating agency is responsible for making the decision to reopen their lands. For questions related to the reopening of a cooperative WMA, please contact the lead land manager or NWR office/website for that property.

  • Apalachee WMA (FWC)
  • Apalachicola WMA west of the Ochlockonee River remains closed; portions of the WMA east of the Ochlockonee River are open (US Forest Service)
  • Apalachicola River WEA (FWC)
  • Beaverdam Creek WMA (Northwest Florida Water Management District)
  • Box-R WMA (FWC)
  • Bradwell Unit of Apalachicola WMA (US Forest Service)
  • Chipola River WMA (Northwest Florida Water Management District)
  • Choctawhatchee River WMA (Northwest Florida Water Management District)
  • Econfina Creek WMA (Northwest Florida Water Management District)
  • Fitzhugh-Carter Tract of Econfina Creek WMA (Northwest Florida Water Management District)
  • Juniper Creek WMA (US Forest Service)
  • St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge (US Fish and Wildlife Service)
  • St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge (US Fish and Wildlife Service)
  • Tyndall AFB WMA (Department of Defense)

North Central Region

 The following WMA roads are closed to vehicle access until further notice due to Hurricane Michael. Once reopened they will be removed from the list.

  • Big Bend WMA - Hickory Mound Unit: That portion of Coker Road lying south of Swartz Tram and the portion of Cow Creek Grade lying south of Swartz Tram (effectively closes the Hickory Mound Impoundment).
  • Big Bend WMA - Spring Creek Unit: Mule Wallow Road.


Northeast Region road/canal/unit closures - The following FWC managed public areas are open to public access but contain additional closures as a result of storm activity. Once reopened, they will be removed from this list.

  • Etoniah Creek WMA - Due to continued heavy rainfall, the following roads are closed; Tinley Powerline Road west of Holloway Road; the east end of Tinsley Powerline Road, east of unimproved Shortcut Road.
  • Lake George WMA - Due to continued rainfall and flooded conditions, several roads are closed. On the Dexter Mary Farms Unit: Price Road; Fawn Road; and Quarters Road north of Fawn Road. On the Astor Tract: Sandy Drain; Crooked Road; and Pine Road.


Non-storm-related WMA/WEA and Other Closures

  • Belmore WMA – Spring Road (Orleans Road) remains closed until further notice
  • Gores Landing WMA – The “north” entrance off NE 140th Street/Country Club Blvd. is permanently closed to public access. Access to this WMA is available from NE 98th Street and from the Ocklawaha River only.
  • Jennings Forest WMA – Drip Torch and Double Gate roads remains closed until further notice
  • Lafayette Forest WEA – A 1.9-mile portion of Lafayette Loop remains closed until further notice (see map)
  • Ocala WMA – The game check station on State Road 42 at the Paisley Mart in Paisley will be closed for the 2018-19 hunting season due to construction.
  • Ocklawaha Prairie PSGHA – has a NEW ENTRANCE for hunters directly off State Road 42, approximately ¼ mile east of the old entrance. There are signs for direction.
  • Charles H. Bronson WMA - Road 2 is closed at the county line canal, which is now impassable due to erosion. This closure should extend through Jan. 12, 2019.
  • CREW WEA – Within the Flint Pen Strand Unit, that portion of Sand Road between Vincent Road and Poorman’s Pass is closed to motor vehicles due to unsafe conditions.  Area users may use East Terry Street as an alternate route to access Poorman’s Pass.  The area map has been revised to reflect the closure.
  • Chassahowitzka WMA - A hydrological restoration project installing low water crossing on three of the open roads has resulted in the temporary closure of the following roads: South Road, south of the Old Bayport Road intersection (0.8 miles long), Fool's Stand Road (1.4 miles long), and Old Bayport Road (0.8 miles long) are closed until work is completed.
  • Emeralda Marsh Conservation Area PSGHA - Area 5 is closed until further notice. Area 6 is open for walk-in only. Areas 2 & 4 can be accessed via boat.
  • The Lewis D. Whitaker Osceola Shooting Range is currently being evaluated for improvements and will be closed until further notice.

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