Open/Closed Status of FWC-managed Areas

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Open/Closed Status Related to Storm Activity


Note - CLOSURES in the list below supersede any previously existing orders for the area listed. Non-storm-related closures can be found further down on this page.


FWC managed and cooperative public areas:

Note: A list of campground closures related to public land closures is provided by the Florida Forest Service External Website and Northwest Florida Water Managment District External Website


Northwest Region - The following FWC managed public areas and facilities are closed to public access, effective immediately. Upon reopening, they will be removed from this list.

  • Northwest Florida Water Management District Lands – All NWFWMD lands reopened effective May 30, 2018 except for select recreation sites within the Econfina Creek WMA, Escambia River WMA, Choctawhatchee River WMA, and Apalachicola River WEA.  Recreational users should monitor NWFWMD External Website for updates on access to these recreation sites.


North Central Region road/canal/unit closures - The following FWC managed public areas are open to public access but contain additional closures as a result of storm activity. Once reopened, they will be removed from this list.

  • Belmore WMA - Spring Road from East Boundary Road to Raccoon Road remains closed until further notice.
  • Jennings Forest WMA - Tar Flower Road remains closed until further notice.
  • Devil’s Hammock WMA: WMA in Levy County is closed due to flooding on roads and high water levels.

Northeast Region road/canal/unit closures - The following FWC managed public areas are open to public access but contain additional closures as a result of storm activity. Once reopened, they will be removed from this list.

  • Caravelle Ranch WMA - Due to continued heavy rainfall leading to the ponding of water over much of the area, the campground area associated with the S.R. 19 check station is closed until further notice. The area will be periodically evaluated to determine when it may be reopened.


Non-storm-related WMA/WEA and Other Closures

  • Apalachicola River WEA - Beanfield Road within the Saul Creek Unit will be closed from approximately August 20 through September 10 to allow for road maintenance/improvements.
  • Herky Huffman/Bull Creek Wildlife Managment Area - Due to a road improvement project, a section of the main Loop Road will be impassable to vehicles from Monday, Aug. 13 through Monday, Aug. 20. This closure will affect the northeastern portion of Loop Road approximately 300 feet north of Yoke Branch to approximately 300 feet south of Yoke Branch.
  • CREW WEA – Within the Flint Pen Strand Unit, that portion of Sand Road between Vincent Road and Poorman’s Pass is closed to motor vehicles due to unsafe conditions.  Area users may use East Terry Street as an alternate route to access Poorman’s Pass.  The area map has been revised to reflect the closure.
  • Chassahowitzka WMA - A hydrological restoration project installing low water crossing on three of the open roads has resulted in the temporary closure of the following roads: South Road, south of the Old Bayport Road intersection (0.8 miles long), Fool's Stand Road (1.4 miles long), and Old Bayport Road (0.8 miles long) are closed until work is completed.
  • Emeralda Marsh Conservation Area PSGHA - Areas 5 & 7 are closed until further notice. Area 6 is open for walk-in only. Areas 2 & 4 can be accessed via boat.
  • The Lewis D. Whitaker Osceola Shooting Range is currently being evaluated for improvements and will be closed until further notice.

  • Plank Road WMA – Road restoration projects have resulted in the temporary closure of all interior access roads.  The area remains open to non-vehicular access, including bicycles and horses, provided that parked vehicles and/or trailers may not obstruct any road, gate, or firelane.
  • Tiger Bay WMA - Due to continued rains and flooded conditions, Dukes Island Road and Woody Road are closed to all access until further notice.

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