Fish Busters' Bulletin, by Bob Wattendorf

Fish Busters' Bulletin

Fish Busters' is a monthly column begun in 2006, written and edited by Bob Wattendorf, with assistance from Division of Freshwater Fisheries Management staff and the Community Relations Office.

The column is provided in 2 varieties. Tabloids and fishing websites receive a 1,200-word version. (To join the distribution list, contact Bob Wattendorf at Archived copies of these columns are available on Scrib'd.

The Community Relations Office issues an abridged version (800 words) to its news release distribution list. Archived copies in this format are listed below.

Fish kill ‘season’ warming up with the weather

May 01, 2015

Two of Florida's riverine black basses tie for state record

March 31, 2015

Learn where to go as freshwater fishing heats up!

January 30, 2015

Many holiday goodies available - some under the fish attractor 'tree'

December 01, 2014

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