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Issue 9 Apr-Jun 2017 Chain pickerel, Lake Apopka, Grass shrimp, How fish swim, TrophyCatch
Issue 8 Jan-Mar 2017 Warmouth, Osborne-Ida Chain of Lakes, State Record Mayan cichlid, TrophyCatch, Fish mouths
Issue 7

Oct-Dec 2016

TrophyCatch, TrophyCatch T-Mail, Butterfly peacock bass, Fish Anatomy, Lake George

Issue 6

Jul-Sep 2016

TrophyCatch, Redear sunfish, Fish length frequency, Record shoal bass, Saddle Creek Park FMA

Issue 5

Apr-Jun 2016

TrophyCatch, Channel catfish, New rules for bass, Topwater fishing, Lake Jackson

Issue 4 Jan-Mar 2016

TrophyCatch, Largemouth bass, The plastic worm, Santa Fe Lake, The spawn

Issue 3 Oct-Dec 2015

TrophyCatch, Sunshine bass, Fishing with your phone Part 2, Angler's bookshelf, Lake Kissimmee, How old is that bass?

Issue 2 Jul-Sep 2015

TrophyCatch, New bass regulations, Fishing with your phone Part 1, Bluegill, Everglades Water Conservation Areas, 2015-16 Freshwater Fishing Regulations

Issue 1 Oct-Dec 2014

TrophyCatch, FWC Freshwater Fishing Blog, Black crappie, Kayaking, Lake Okeechobee, Life on the edge


This newsletter was formerly known as:

The City Fisher Newsletter

VolumeDateKeywordsSpecial Insert
Volume 49 PDF

Apr-Jun 2013

TrophyCatch, Largemouth bass, Fishing with your phone Fish identification
Volume 48 PDF

Jul-Sep 2012

Florida gar, Braided line, Holiday Park, Sport fish quiz Basic lake management
Volume 47 PDF

Jan-Mar 2012

Black Bass Management Plan, Channel catfish, Fish tagging study, Snake Creek (C-9) Canal, Everglades Decomp project Freshwater bait & tackle
shop finder
Volume 46 PDF Oct-Dec 2011 Spotted sunfish, Grass shrimp, Interview: John Cassady (Monofilament Recycling) Invertebrate identifier
Volume 45 PDF Jul-Sep 2011 Chain pickerel, Tamiami (C-4) Canal,
Florida fly box, Sport Fish Restoration
Roof racks for anglers
Volume 44 PDF Jan-Mar 2011 Bluegill, Getting children back to nature,
FWC Big Catch Program
Small boats
Volume 43 PDF Oct-Dec 2010 Black Bass Management Plan, Coded wire tags, Sunshine bass, Pond management Fishing plastic worms
Volume 42 PDF Jul-Sep 2010 Angler education, Fish intelligence, FWC social media Snake identifier
Volume 41 PDF Apr-Jun 2010 Boat ramp locator, Cold kill, Black Bass Plan survey Topwater lures Part 2
Volume 40 PDF Jan-Mar 2010 Lake Osborne, Think like a fish, Black Bass Management Plan proposal Topwater lures Part 1
Volume 39 PDF Oct-Dec 2009 Exotic fish poster, New saltwater license, Turtles frogs crayfish & molluscs Picking a fishing rig
Volume 38 PDF Jul-Sep 2009 Anglers' Legacy, Marsh-canal relationships, De-barbing hooks

Minnow and baitfish IDer

Volume 37 PDF Apr-Jun 2009 Sport Fish Restoration, Fish prey size selection, Sick fish Wade fishing
Volume 36 PDF Jan-Mar 2009 Catfish angling, Creel surveys, Molluscs Tiny lures
Volume 35 PDF Oct-Dec 2008 Bream angling, Kayak fishing, Fish mouths Netting bait


Older back issues in PDF PDF format are available upon request by emailing John Cimbaro. There is a City Fisher Index PDF through Issue 34 to help you select which back issues may be of interest.

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