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Pull back on a string; huntin’ season is here!

September 04, 2012 

Archery and crossbow seasons started July 28 in Zone A. 

Take hunter safety and get ready for opening day

August 03, 2012 

August is the best time to take the hunter safety course, when class sizes are smaller. 

Join the Dove Club

July 02, 2012 

Last year, hunters harvested 1,421 doves from 6 special-opportunity dove fields. 

Application dates shift for some quota hunts

June 01, 2012 

Changes are for this year only during switch to new license/permit vendor. 

Apply for special-opportunity fall hunts

May 04, 2012 

These extraordinary hunts offer large tracts of land with an abundance of game and low hunting pressure.  

Managing for longbeards

April 02, 2012 

There are many wildlife management techniques you can use to help attract wild turkeys to your property. 

Talkin' turkey

March 01, 2012 

The Youth Spring Turkey Hunt has expanded to 78 WMAs. 

Deer hunting still goin’ strong in Zone D

February 01, 2012 

The most common kinds of game to hunt during this season are deer and wild hogs.  

Wild hogs – nuisance or hunting opportunity?

January 03, 2012 

Though nonnative, wild hogs are plentiful throughout Florida and can be found in all 67 counties. 

Showing 31 through 39 of 39 articles in the Outta' the Woods columnPrevious  /  Next

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