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Hatchling sea turtles take enlightened path to survive

May 24, 2011 

Sea turtles begin nesting in March on the central-east Florida coast, with peak nesting from May through August.  

Florida’s hunting future looks bright

April 26, 2011 

Since 2005, 32 new public hunting areas have been added, totaling more than 141,000 acres. 

Barreto announces he will step down as FWC chairman

April 07, 2011 

He will remain on the board until his five-year term ends in August. 

FWC meeting in Havana set for April 6-7

March 29, 2011 

Marine issues will be considered during the first day. 

Monroe Co. officer honored by conservation association

March 24, 2011 

Officer James Johnson is the Coastal Conservation Association, Florida Keys chapter's “Regional Law Enforcement Officer of the Year." 

Night prowls a fun way to involve kids in conservation

March 22, 2011 

We often overlook the wildlife that come out at night, and this is a great way to get your children excited about conservation. 

FWC uses teamwork to manage exotic species, improve habitat

March 09, 2011 

Not only is releasing nonnatives into the wild illegal, it can be harmful to our native fish and wildlife. 

2011 destined to go down as a Florida fishing extravaganza

February 17, 2011 

Tournaments showcase record- and near-record-breaking catches, and we’re hearing from around the state about big bass and impressive catch numbers. 

FWC meeting set for Feb. 23-24 in Apalachicola

February 15, 2011 

The sessions will begin at 8:30 a.m. each day and are open to the public, in the third-floor courtroom of the Franklin County Courthouse, 33 Market St.  

Working together helps Florida's resources

January 25, 2011 

To keep Florida a healthy, beautiful place in which to work and play, the FWC depends on its relationships with stakeholders, including boaters, hunters, anglers, birdwatchers, hikers and more.  

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