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ICAST and Uncle Homer’s legacy

August 06, 2012 

ICAST - the largest sport-fishing industry tradeshow in the world - was in Orlando in July. 

Angler-recognition revisited

July 02, 2012 

Watch for changes in the Big Catch program in July, and a new TrophyCatch program in October. 

June an outdoor extravaganza – No excuses; Get Outdoors Florida!

June 01, 2012 

June is Great Outdoors Month. 

Hatchery bass making a difference in Florida

April 30, 2012 

Fisheries biologists often refer to a 3-pronged approach to fisheries management: habitat, fish and people. 

Springtime brings freshwater fishing, boat access

March 01, 2012 

Bass and bream head to the shallows to spawn. 

Black crappie fishing hot in Florida’s cool season

January 30, 2012 

Crappies are high-profile fish with their own enthusiasts. The state record is 3.83 pounds. 

New Year’s messages from the FWC

December 28, 2011 

To help them enjoy their experiences, people say they want protection for habitats and public access, and education for the next generation. 

Exotic fishes boost angling success in Florida

November 30, 2011 

Most successful exotics came from tropical or subtropical climates. 

Become FWC’s eyes and ears to protect wildlife

November 01, 2011 

Now you can report violators by text message. 

Triploid grass carp evolve as an aquatic-plant management tool

October 01, 2011 

Water lettuce, hyacinth and hydrilla are prime examples of nonnative plants that require management. 

Showing 21 through 30 of 50 articles in the Fish Busters' Bulletin columnPrevious  /  Next

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