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Crappie anglers enjoy a happy new year

January 03, 2014 

Cast a line for one of the most popular freshwater fishes in Florida. 

TrophyCatch boat giveaway winners announced

November 27, 2013 

Grand-prize winner Frank Ay won a a boat and motor. 

Holidays bring fishing bonuses

November 01, 2013 

No freshwater license required on Friday, Nov. 29. No saltwater license required on Saturday, Nov. 30. 

Fish attractors

October 01, 2013 

Have you ever been fishing and wished there was a sign saying right where the fish are? 

Florida Youth Conservation Centers on a roll; join the momentum

August 29, 2013 

Leaders, volunteers, partners, donors have worked together to turn a bold idea into reality. 

Volunteers help promote youth fishing

August 01, 2013 

We are fortunate to have numerous dedicated individuals who want to share their love for nature and outdoor recreation. 

An electrifying way to study fish

July 01, 2013 

Biologists use electrofishing to temporarily stun and collect fish for scientific analyses. 

Anatomy of a fish kill

June 03, 2013 

Many are a matter of nature taking its course. 

Angler-recognition programs enhance pleasure

May 01, 2013 

The FWC is ready to help commemorate and immortalize your memories.  

April brings great fishing before May flowers

April 01, 2013 

All across the state, anglers have reported great catches of a variety of freshwater fishes. 

Showing 21 through 30 of 33 articles in the Fish Busters' Bulletin columnPrevious  /  Next

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