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Wild turkey: A different twist on a Thanksgiving favorite

November 19, 2018 

An interesting culinary trend is using organic ingredients, and serving wild turkey for Thanksgiving is a delicious, clean-eating option. 

Make a difference! Create wildlife habitat in your backyard

November 15, 2018 

Your backyard can be a gathering place for birds, butterflies, frogs, flying squirrels and more. Attract native species by offering food, water, cover and space for them to raise their young, and your yard will be transformed into a welcoming habitat for wildlife. 

FWC conducts aquatic plant control on Little Lake Harris

November 13, 2018 

While there will be no restrictions on fishing and swimming during this treatment for invasive hydrilla, there will be a 14-day restriction on irrigation to turf and landscape ornamentals. 

Look out, slow down for Florida’s migrating manatees

November 13, 2018 

Boaters who look out for migrating manatees and follow posted manatee protection zones contribute to the conservation of this threatened species. They are reducing the chance of manatee injuries and disturbance, while enjoying their time on the water. 

FWC conducts aquatic plant control on Lake Rousseau

November 09, 2018 

Invasive hydrilla will be treated only in established boat trails on the lake. Boat trails requiring hydrilla treatment to maintain navigation include County Trail B, Shoreline south of County Trail C, Lighthouse Cove and River Retreats Trail.  

Escaped nonnative Asian water monitor lizard captured in Davie

November 08, 2018 

This lizard, an escaped pet, was first reported loose in the area in late August. The FWC worked closely with the Davie Police Department and residents to capture the reptile, which measured over 8 feet in length.  

Catch a Florida Memory announces new Triple Threat Club to reward anglers like Katlyn Paul

November 07, 2018 

The FWC has created a new honor, the Triple Threat Club, for those who participate in all three Catch a Florida Memory programs, including Saltwater Grand Slams, Saltwater Fish Life List and Saltwater Reel Big Fish. 

Hunter safety courses offered in 2 counties in November

November 07, 2018 

Those interested in attending a course can register online and obtain information about future hunter safety classes at or by calling the FWC’s regional office in Panama City at 850-265-3676. 

#WhoTaughtYou to hunt?

November 05, 2018 

It’s a wonderful time of year to remember those who introduced us to hunting. And the holiday gives us a great opportunity to pay it forward by taking someone else hunting such as a neighbor, friend, family member or coworker.  

FWC conducts aquatic plant control on Lake Okeechobee

November 02, 2018 

There will be an aerial treatment of up to 5,000 acres of invasive water lettuce in the southeastern portion of the lake. The purpose of this treatment is to improve fish and wildlife habitat. 

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