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The ferocious ant lion is an ant bully

November 27, 2012 

Neither an ant nor a lion, its name has everything to do with its favorite meal: ants! 

Abundant life is just beyond your porch

October 02, 2012 

The backyard is an oasis of life. How many critters can you find? 

Summer beach safari: What’s in that brown, dried seaweed on the beach?

July 25, 2012 

Beach wrack is filled with organisms essential to beach life. 

Summer is here. Let’s go on a beach safari

June 12, 2012 

Digging for shells and bird-watching are just 2 fun activities the beach has to offer. 

The green anole is no chameleon

May 09, 2012 

But they can change color - from bright green to brown or gray. 

Invasion of the caterpillars

April 10, 2012 

Soon they will become beautiful, dazzling moths or butterflies, adding color and motion to gardens and wild areas. 

Legends of the crow

January 17, 2012 

There are many positive legends about these clever birds that people don’t know. 

Count birds instead of staying inside this winter

December 05, 2011 

It is migration season, when many of our feathered friends travel to the warm state of Florida to escape the frozen, snowy north.  

How many birds can you count?

February 07, 2011 

Get your binoculars ready, because starting Feb. 18, the largest bird count in North America begins.  

Scared to death: Opossums play possum

December 15, 2010 

Backyard Safari: When an opossum is scared, its body shuts down and the animal goes stiff, with its teeth bared, and saliva drips from its open mouth. 

Showing 1 through 10 of 19 articles in the Backyard Safari columnPrevious  /  Next

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