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High water prompts temporary closure to interior of Everglades WMA

News Release

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Media contact: Carol Lyn Parrish, 850-556-2269

Due to recent storm events, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has temporarily closed several activities and roads in the Everglades Wildlife Management Area until further notice.  Fishing and other specified activities will remain open.

Public access to the interior of the WMA is prohibited, except Conservation Area 2A from the L-35B levee north to the east-west airboat trail, and Conservation Area 3A South, east of the Miami Canal between I-75 and the L-67A levee. The closure applies to vehicles, airboats, all-terrain vehicles and any other public access, and will remain in effect until further notice to ensure public safety and resource conservation.

These closures do not apply to persons permitted to participate in the statewide alligator hunts, migratory bird hunts, frogging, fishing, or people operating boats within the established canal systems. Access for these activities is limited to vessels only, and participants must maintain a minimum distance of 100 yards from any tree island to minimize disturbance to wildlife. Usage of airboats or tracked vehicles is not permitted for these activities.

Additionally, taking of game, as defined in section 68A-1.004, Florida Administrative Code, is prohibited, except certain duck, coot and snipe hunting, and frogging. Those activities may be conducted in accordance with 68A-13.003, 68A-13.008 and 68A-15.004, respectively.

If you have additional questions, contact the FWC’s South Regional Office at 561-625-5122.

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