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Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida honors FWC marine field mechanic David Broughton as 2016 Rodney Barreto Employee of the Year

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Thursday, September 08, 2016

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Today, the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida recognized FWC marine field mechanic David Broughton as its 2016 Rodney Barreto Employee of the Year. Andrew Walker, CEO of the Foundation and FWC Commissioners presented Broughton with the award at the FWC Commission meeting Sept. 8 in St. Augustine.

“Each year, the Foundation is pleased to honor an FWC employee who has gone above and beyond to further this vital conservation mission. David is an incredible asset for the FWC and is a great choice for this award,” said Rodney Barreto, Chairman of The Foundation.

Broughton has been in Monroe County since 1999.  He came to the Keys as a trained marine mechanic and joined the FWC in 2014. Broughton has earned numerous certifications from the various manufacturers of outboard engines, and has put that training to use for the FWC. His greatest achievement has been what he has done, through diligence and hard work, to improve the morale of officers and command staff in the South region where he is employed. 

Water patrol – in a county comprised of islands and surrounded by water, boats, fishing, swimming and diving – requires FWC officers to be on the water and on patrol. 

“When officers are unable to be on the water due to prolonged equipment problems, their ability to do their job is negatively affected and so is their morale,” said FWC Regional Commander Maj. Alfredo Escanio.  “When boats are out of service for weeks or months at a time, our officers can’t do their jobs. David has been a tremendous force in ensuring this doesn’t happen.”

Broughton has dramatically reduced the wait time for marine repairs to patrol vessels, has volunteered to perform work that had previously been outsourced, and completes jobs in a fraction of the time that was previously required. His efforts are singularly responsible for a significant improvement in morale along with an increase in efficiency, professionalism and activity all due to his ability to keep the fleet patrolling.

FWC Executive Director Nick Wiley praised Broughton and his tireless efforts to greatly increase FWC's effectiveness. “We have an outstanding fleet and technical services team spread throughout our agency, and David is certainly a shining star on this great team,” Wiley said. “The way David approaches his work with such dedication and excellence is another example of what makes our FWC family great.”

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