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Limited commercial oyster harvest to potentially quicken recovery of Apalachicola area known as East Hole

News Release

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Media contact: Amanda Nalley, 850-410-4943


The Apalachicola oyster reef known as East Hole (also known as Area 1671) will open to limited commercial harvest on Thursdays starting May 7 and continuing through May 28. Open days include May 7, 14, 21 and 28.

This area was closed June 2014 in an effort to help the Apalachicola Bay oyster population recover from the effects of low river flow.

Shelling, the practice of improving habitat conditions by adding oyster shells and other materials so that young oysters, known as spat, have something to grow on, was conducted on this area in February 2013.

Since then, oysters have grown in the area but are currently in clumps, which can slow the growth of smaller oysters. A limited harvest in that area will help break up these clumps and allow smaller oyster to grow to legal size (3 inches or more), quickening the recovery of this area.

All other oyster regulations including the lowered commercial limit of five bags in the shell per person (each bag is equivalent to 60 pounds or two 5-gallon buckets) remain in effect.

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