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FWC requests public to share images, video of barge that sank in Fort Pierce inlet

News Release

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Media contact: Liz Barraco, 850-556-2269; Mandy Phillips, 561-662-0135

FWC Law Enforcement is continuing the investigation into the cirumstances surrounding a barge that sank in the Fort Pierce inlet on Feb. 24 and is asking the public for help gathering information.

Here’s what FWC Public Information Officer Amanda Phillips says the agency knows so far:

While traveling through the Fort Pierce inlet, a barge began taking on water and sank Tuesday evening. At the time, the barge was being towed by a 54-foot cabin cruiser. Rodney Grambo, 53, of Middleburg was operating the cabin cruiser and three passengers were onboard the barge. As a result of the accident, one barge passenger, Dominick Tortorice (DOB 04/28/1956) of Miami died. Charles Griffin, 33, of Middleburg; Reed Adams, 58, of Jupiter; and Grambo survived.

For boater safety, the Fort Pierce inlet has been closed by the U.S. Coast Guard until further notice.

FWC officers are asking for your help in gathering information. If you or someone you know has video or pictures of the barge or incident please send them to If possible, include your name and contact information in case investigators need to follow up on your report. Information submitted will be used by investigators working on this incident.

No other information is available at this time.

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