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Conservation group recognizes FWC employee as Regional Officer of the Year

News Release

Monday, February 09, 2015

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Recently a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officer received a special honor. The Naples Chapter of the Florida Coastal Conservation Association recognized Officer Marcus Reith as the Regional Officer of the Year.

Reith received the award in recognition of his outstanding efforts working to protect Florida’s valuable natural resources. Since graduating from the FWC academy in the fall of 2012, Reith has been a valuable asset to the FWC.

 “Officer Reith came to our agency with a solid skill set and he continues to improve and impress me,” said FWC Capt. Mitts Mravic. “He has been a very important part of our law enforcement team.”

Reith is assigned to Collier County and is a member of the FWC’s offshore patrol team that specializes in commercial and offshore fisheries. He is also part of the FWC’s Special Operations Group, a rapid-deployment team which can respond to natural disasters, on-the-water and inland emergencies.

“His ability to adapt and respond to a variety of incidents makes Reith an incredibly effective FWC officer,” said FWC Lt. Marc Shea.

Reith has been involved with many cases that target intentional violators and support law-abiding recreational and commercial fishermen. His casework has dealt with king mackerel, stone crab, grouper, lobster, snapper and numerous other species. Reith also actively participates in educational outreach and public safety events throughout the county to encourage responsible fishing.

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