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Hamilton County’s Creech a regional Officer of the Year

News Release

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Media contact: Karen Parker, 386-758-0525

Hamilton County’s own Officer Robby Creech was nominated to represent the North Central Region of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) in its 2012 “Officer of The Year” commendation.

The FWC officer’s nomination was based on his initiative, dedication to service, strong work ethic, consistency and overall job performance.

“Although he wasn’t selected as the statewide FWC award recipient, it’s still a testimony to his hard work to be chosen as the region’s top officer,” said Maj. Roy Brown, regional commander for the FWC’s North Central Region, based out of Lake City.

Creech began his career with FWC in 2002 and was assigned to Volusia County before transferring to Hamilton County in 2007.

“Officer Creech has done an excellent job in the North Central Region for several years now,” said Brown. “He has demonstrated the ability, time and time again, to take a small amount of information and follow it through to a successful conclusion, resulting in a very high arrest and conviction rate that has made him an exceptional officer.”

Creech is assigned to a rural county with a relatively low population. An officer must establish excellent local contacts to be successful. Creech’s overall activity of numerous resource violations and boating violations is proof that he has built the rapport needed. That rapport, coupled with a strong work ethic, is why he has been very successful, according to Brown.

His performance has been exceptional this year, with cases involving duck hunters with unplugged shotguns, using lead shot; people taking deer at night with gun and light; trespassing; taking freshwater game fish with a spear gun; boating under the influence; keeping undersized black bass; driving under the influence; illegally taking alligator; and other resources violations.

Creech has established himself within his county as a hard-working professional law enforcement officer. He has earned the respect of his co-workers, supervisors, the constituents he serves and the judicial system. He has also earned a reputation of being an officer of integrity.

Creech also demonstrates a spirit of volunteerism in his off-time, serving with the Army National Guard. He has deployed several times.

“His sacrifice to serve this great land of ours preserves the freedoms and rights we enjoy. He has proved to be a valuable asset to his country, the FWC and the constituents that he so proudly serves,” Brown said. “We proudly nominated him for the 2012 Officer of the Year.”

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