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Eagle, Lang lakes’ boat ramps remain closed

News Release

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Media contact: Karen Parker, 386-758-0525

Access to the three boat ramps at Eagle Lake and the road leading to the ramps at Lang Lake will remain closed until further notice due to construction.

PotashCorp-White Springs closed access to the ramps May 1 to begin rebuilding the culvert at Eagle Lake in Hamilton County. However, because of delays caused by Tropical Storm Debby, the closure has been extended.

According to PotashCorp-White Springs officials, the roads and boat ramps for both lakes are unserviceable.

“The access was originally scheduled to be closed for 90 days,” said Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission freshwater fish biologist Brian Hilton. “However, because of the damage to the area from the rains, construction had to be halted, so the reopening has been pushed back.”

The culvert is being built next to the old structure, which is next to the boat ramp, Hilton explained. In addition, the roads require maintenance.

The boat ramp area is currently being used for parking of construction equipment and materials, which necessitates closure of the ramp. The road that continues around the lake to other boat ramps is also closed due to construction.

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