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Lake Lindsey getting big makeover

News Release

Monday, July 26, 2010

Media contact: Gary Morse, 863-648-3200

Lake Lindsey, in northeast Hernando County, is getting a needed makeover designed to help the aging body of water recoup its reputation as a destination for local panfish anglers. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), Hernando County and the Hernando County Waterways Task Force are partnering in an effort to improve fish habitat and recreational opportunities in the 137-acre lake near Chinsegut Hill.

Mechanical harvesting of four acres of floating tussock (islands of thick, floating vegetation and mud) and 15 acres of spatterdock (lily pad) roots started July 26 and is scheduled to be completed within 30 days. The public boat ramp on Lake Village Lane will be closed from July 26 through the end of the project.  The cost of the project is $49,000.

Changes to the hydrology in the surrounding area and a prolonged drought allowed Lake Lindsey to become overgrown with purple fanwort, a submersed aquatic plant, which reduced the lake's recreational value.  Grass carp stocked in 2007 controlled the purple fanwort, but large areas of spatterdock and floating tussock replaced fanwort as the biggest aquatic plant problem in the lake.

For more information on enhanced public fishing opportunities, go to or call your nearest FWC regional office.

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