Canada Goose Depredation Order at Agricultural Facilities

This permit authorizes landowners (and their employees and agents) to take Canada geese and nests to reduce depredation to commercial agricultural operations. It is the permit holder's responsibility to understand and adhere to all provisions set forth in the permit.

Who may use this permit: Only landowners, operators, and tenants (or their employees and agents) actively engaged in commercial activities (agricultural producers) so designated by the State.

Dates: Nests & eggs: March 1 -  June 30; other techniques: May 1 -   August 31

Take: Lethal and non-lethal methods of take are outlined in the permit.

Reporting: Permits are valid during the year issued only.  However, permittees must keep records of their actions for 3 years, which may be viewed upon request by Federal, State or tribal LE officers. Permit holders must submit an annual report of their actions to FWC by September 30. Report must include: date, location and number of birds, nests and eggs taken, and a description of how you disposed of the birds and eggs. If there was no activity under your permit during the report year, state "No Activity" on the form.  

A reporting form will be inlcuded with permits that are issued and can also be requested using the email address provided below.

To apply for this permit: please contact the FWC Waterfowl Management Program at 850-488-5878 or email:

Please include the following: business, name, address, county, phone number, maximum number of Canada geese you are requesting to control.

FWC Facts:
Whooping cranes mate for life, but they will take a new mate after the loss of the original. The pair will return to use and defend the same nesting and wintering territory year after year.

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