Determining if you need a permit for 10 or fewer burrows

This permit is available when 10 or fewer burrows will be impacted on a development site and the gopher tortoises will be relocated to a suitable on-site or off-site recipient area. The intent of this permit type is to provide a less expensive option for applicants impacting fewer numbers of tortoises; therefore, the amount of information required for the application is reduced. Applications are reviewed by FWC staff, and additional information may be required in situations where submitted information is not clear or does not appear to meet criteria for this permit type.

These permits usually are issued for smaller properties (such as single-family residential lots), but larger properties may also meet the criteria for this permit when development activities are minimal or only a few burrows are present on the property.

If you have...

10 or fewer gopher tortoises burrows on the development site; and
you cannot permanently avoid all tortoise burrows on the development site by 25 feet or more, and

suitable habitat will remain on-site following site development, or
the gopher tortoises will be relocated off-site to a certified recipient site by an authorized agent,


the 10 or Fewer Burrows permit is the right permit for you!


To obtain a 10 or Fewer Burrows permit, the individual handling the gopher tortoise(s) must either complete the online e-Learning curriculum or have an Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent permit, and submit a $213 mitigation contribution.


FWC Facts:
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