Commercial Lobster Dive Permit

Commercial Lobster Dive Permit

The FWC Spiny Lobster Rule, 68B-24 limits commercial divers to harvest crawfish (spiny lobster) by diving from a vessel that has been issued an FWC Spiny Lobster Endorsement and Commercial Dive Permit (CD#).

Divers bringing commercial quantities of crawfish back from federal waters need the CD#

A CD# will not be issued to:

  1. divers who do not have a trip ticket for the sale of dive-harvested lobster to a licensed wholesale dealer during either the 2000-01, 2001-02, or 2002-03 lobster seasons;
  2. divers who hold trap certificates;
  3. divers who do not hold a valid 2004-05 vessel saltwater products license with an RS and Crawfish (C#) endorsement; or
  4. divers who did not hold a D on or before December 31, 2004.

All vessels used for commercial harvest of spiny lobster by diving must be licensed with a vessel SPL, RS, C# and CD#.  Dive vessels must be marked with divers-down symbols that are visible from the air and water with the CD# (displayed as the diver's C# followed by the letter "D") on the diagonal stripe of each symbol.  Qualified divers may not put their CD# on more than one vessel and no more than one C# may be affixed to any vessel.

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