Deer Permit Requirement

Deer Permit Requirement

Anyone hunting deer in Florida on public or private land is required to have a Florida hunting license and deer permit, unless they are otherwise exempt*.  

Those with the following licenses do not need to purchase the deer permit because it is already included in each of these licenses, even if the license was purchased before July 1, 2010.

  • Sportsman's License
  • Gold Sportsman's License
  • Silver Sportsman's 64+ License
  • Military Gold Sportsman's License
  • Lifetime Hunting License
  • Lifetime Sportsman's License
  • Resident Disabled Persons Fishing and Hunting License

The deer permit is NOT included with a:

  • Hunting license
  • Combination hunting/freshwater fishing license
  • Combination hunting/freshwater/saltwater license
  • Five-year hunting license.  

Anyone hunting deer with any of these licenses must also buy the deer permit to hunt deer legally. 

*Some groups of people are exempt from purchasing a deer permit.

Hunting Licenses and Permits

Antlerless Deer Permits

Deer Dog Registration

Private Lands Deer Management Permit Program

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