Twelve Mile Swamp Recreational Use Permit

General Information

A Twelve Mile Swamp Recreational Use Permit is a type of limited entry permit that provides the permit holder with access to hunt, fish or otherwise use the Twelve Mile Swamp Wildlife Management Area Not a Mobile-Enabled Link for outdoor recreational purposes.  Except for hunting, permit holders and their spouses or dependent children may participate in other activities on the designated WMA.  The spouse and dependent children must be in the company of the permit holder. Only permit holders and one dependent child under the age of 16 may hunt.  Recreational use permits also include a Management Area Permit.  Recreational Use permits do not apply to other recreational use program areas.  

Recreational Use Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) are private lands managed for public hunting and recreation.  Recreational use permits are designed to provide more revenue to these private landowners in the WMA system.  Money set aside by the FWC to compensate those landowners for hunting use on their lands was not sufficient to compete with private hunting leases.  Rather than have these WMAs drop out of the system, the FWC offers Recreational Use permits.  Fees collected from these permits supplement the private landowners, keeping their lands open to the public.     

  • Cost: $625
  • Quota: 125 total permits available including renewal permits
  • Requirements: There are no requirements to apply for this permit.
  • Restrictions: You may have no more than one Twelve Mile Swamp Recreational Use Permit per person.
  • Issuance Method: These permits are first issued to customers eligible to renew.  Any permits remaining after the renewal period are issued by random drawing during Phase II.  Permits leftover after Phase II are issued on a first come first served basis during Phase III. 
  • Renewals: If you get a permit, it can be renewed annually for two additional years, essentially making it a three-year permit.  If you are eligible to renew, you must purchase your permit during the renewal period (see "Application Dates" below).  If you do not renew your permit by the renewal deadline, you will no longer be eligible to renew it and it will be offered to the public during Phase II. 
  • Transferability: Twelve Mile Swamp permits are NOT transferable.
  • Drawing Results:Drawing resultsExternal Website are typically posted within about two weeks after the end of the application period.  If you are successful in the random drawing, you must purchase your permit by the deadline specified below. 
  • Replacements: You can replace lost or destroyed non-transferable permits at license agent or tax collector offices for about $2.50. 
  • How to Apply: You can apply onlineExternal Website (sign on; choose Purchase a License; scroll down to Specialty; Add to Cart; complete purchase) or complete the application (click Application button at bottom of page) and present it to any license agent or tax collector office. 
  • How to Get Your Permit: If eligible for renewal or successful in the random drawing, you will need to purchase your permit onlineExternal Website(choose “Limited Entry/Quota Permits and Applications”), at a license agent, or tax collector officeExternal Websiteby the specified deadline.  If you do not purchase your permit by the deadline, it will be offered to the public during the next Phase.  Any permits remaining after Phase II will be issued in Phase III as first-come first-served (FCFS) leftovers.  In Phase III (First-Come, First-Served Leftovers) you are immediately awarded your permit, and the license agent or tax collector will immediately print your permit. If applying online in Phase III, you must immediately print your permit.  The permit does not sit waiting for you to print it later as it does in Phase I and II. If you can't print your Phase III permit immediately, you may save the permit to your computer to print later.  View the Print Your Permit page for instructions and frequently asked questions on how to print your permit directly from the website.  Warning: If you access you permit online; it cannot be printed by the tax collector or license agent.   If you choose to pick up your permit online, be sure you have access to a printer so that you can print your permit directly from the website. If you access the permit without saving it or printing it, it will be available in your customer account (see “Previously Purchased Reprintable Licenses” at the top of your customer information) and you will have 5 days to print or reprint your permit.  After 5 days you will need to obtain a replacement for $2.50.  Replacements may be obtained from any license agent, tax collectors office or online.

Application Dates

2012-2013 Season Application Dates

Phase I:  Renewals

April 15 – May 15, 2012

Phase II:  Applications for Random Drawing

May 17 – 29, 2012

Phase II:  Deadline for Successful Applicants to Purchase Permits

June 19, 2012

Phase III: First-Come First-Served Leftovers

June 21 – March 31, 2013

Application Form and Hunt Choices

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