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Florida's Quota Hunt Program prevents overcrowding and controls the harvest of game on wildlife management areas (WMAs) Not a Mobile-Enabled Link, thus providing hunters with quality hunting experiences. Quotas (maximum number of hunters permitted on WMAs) are based on an area's size, habitat, game populations and rules.

Hunters wanting to use WMAs during quota periods must complete a worksheet and apply for and print the the quota permit if successful in the drawing. Permits are issued by random drawing. There are several types of quota hunts to choose from, and eligible applicants are allowed to apply for one of each type.

Quota permits are issued free; however, unless exempt, all applicants must have a valid Florida Hunting License and Management Area Permit or license that includes a Management Area permit when submitting their quota permit application.

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Read the WMA brochures Not a Mobile-Enabled Link to find out about permit requirements on specific WMAs.


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