Important Information – Planned Timber Harvest on Grove Park WMA


Grove Park WMA is privately owned by Weyerhaeuser Company (Weyerhaeuser). There may be timber harvest and related activities on Grove Park WMAAdobe PDF during the 2017-18 hunting season and if you plan to hunt in these areas, we want you to be informed.



Weyerhaeuser cannot predict when these activities will occur. Harvest timing and related activities are affected by unpredictable and variable weather and mill needs. In order to avoid disturbance to your hunt, hunting equipment or personal property, please be aware that these activities may occur throughout the year on areas including - but not limited to - areas designated on the mapAdobe PDF. Weyerhaeuser and the FWC have no additional information on harvest timing.


We encourage you to attend and enjoy your hunts on Grove Park WMA. For additional assistance, please contact the FWC at 386-758-0525.

FWC Facts:
Research has shown that many species of fishes, crustaceans and shellfish depend on seagrass meadows for habitat.

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